AES Preprints

"Transient low-end performance of audio noninverting preamplifiers and power amplifiers"
preprint 2469 presented at the 82nd; Convention, Londres March 1987

"A feedforward side-chain limiter/compressor/de-essser with improved flexibility"
preprint 2568 presented at 84th; Convention, Paris March 1988

"A design method for high audio quality FM multiplex encoders"
preprint 2919 presented at 88th; Convention, Montreux March 1990

"A digitally controlled automation system"
preprint 3303 presented at 92nd; Convention, Viena, March 1992

"Anti-aliasing filters for oversampling analog to digital converters"
preprint 3303 presented at 94th; Convention, Berlim March 1993