Vintage equipment restoration

The Buchanan Hammer - EV664

Superscope A-245

The Buchanan Hammer, an early microphone dated from mid-fifties was acquired by me long, long ago when our enterprise represented EV. Somebody left that mic for repair, the mic was repaired and nobody ever claimed it...It is fully restored apart from the finish which wasn't touched and a plastic jack connector, that must be changed to a metal model

Well, Superscope, a seventies-model amplifier was a similar story. left for repair and never claimed. A difficult design, with a very sensitive idle current adjustment. Fully restored.

Grundig TK14

Philips F7x35a

Not restored, an early sixties open-reel tape recorder acquired on a stray dog charity sale. Not working and suffering from a badly restored main rubber drive. Impeccable finish, with German manual and matching GDM microphone still in its original case. Schematics available...Scanned user manual just in case...To be continued...
Not restored, a full radio-gramophone combo dating back to '63 acquired on a stray dog charity sale. Not working...Got the service manual...To be continued...

Philips EL3549


One more unretored piece of equipment, a germanium transistor Philips EL3549 open reel tape recorder fom the fifties. Schematics are available below.
Well, there's Akai X210-D open reel and a Philips N2503 cassette recorder, both dated from the early seventies, will keep you informed...

For a Grundig TK14 manual click here.
For Grundig TK14 schematics click here.
For Philips N2503 schematics click here.
For Philips EL3549 schematics courtesy of "François du 57" click here.