António José da Silva Santos de Oliveira was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1956. Finished high school in Liceu Padre António Vieira in Lisbon, 1973, and got his Electrotechnical Engineering degree from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon in 1979/1980.
He worked on industrial electronics maintenance from 1975 to 1978, in the fields of civil contracting, air conditioning and cable extrusion.
In this period, he developed a 600kVA automatic emergency power start system for a concrete mill plant, including the refurbishment of the electrical equipment of the entire mill.
From 1978 on, he devoted himself in parallel to the development and manufacturing of sound reinforcement equipment.

Co-founds Acutron Electroacústica in 1983, where he developed his activity as a product designer till 2015. Designed more than 50 different analog, digital and dsp-based audio products since the company started. Among them are the Spanish Telefónica 8-channel DAT based automation system, the RCT1/RCR1 broadcast network control system using digitally-modulated audio carriers, the SNOOP audit system based on RCT1/RCR1 hardware, and the hardware part of the DI824 and DO1616 microprocessor-controlled stage boxes used at Expo'98.

He is accepted as a member of the Audio Engineering Society in 1986. Publishes 7 papers from 1987 to 1993 in both AES Conventions and the Journal of the AES, of which the following are examples:

  • "Transient low-end performance of audio noninverting preamplifiers and power amplifiers", Audio Engineering Society preprint 2469 presented at the 82nd Convention, London 1987 March

  • "A feedforward side-chain limiter/compressor/de-essser with improved flexibility" Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Volume 37, no. 4, 1989 April

  • "A design method for high audio quality FM multiplex encoders" Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Volume 40, no. 3, 1992 March

  • "A digitally controlled automation system", Audio Engineering Society preprint 3303 presented at the 92nd Convention, Vienna 1992 March

  • "Anti-aliasing filters for oversampling analog to digital converters" Audio Engineering Society preprint 3303 presented at the 94nd Convention, Berlin 1993 March

Published several technology articles in Radio World International magazine.

Co-founded the former AES Iberian Section, serving as vice-president for the first year.

Co-founded the Portuguese AES Section serving as Executive President for the first term and hosts their site:

Portuguese AES Section

Elected Vice-President for the Southern European Region of the AES for 2006-2008.

Recipient of the IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics Engineering Leadership Award, 2011

Re-elected Vice-President for the AES Southern European Region for 2008-2010. Stayed in charge for 2011 and was a part of the Executive Director search Committee.

Part of the examination jury at Conservatoire National de Musique, Paris, Sound Engineer course, including a thematic conference.

Fluently speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, some Italian, and has some rudimentary German knowledge

Presently his main activity is as a consultant for special projects, mainly on dam flood and tsunami alert warning systems areas.

Has coordinated the development and manufacture of all the hardware and software for projects like the Bursa Metro in Turkey, the Delhi Metro in India and the Porto Metro and Northern Railway in Portugal.

Has served as the IT manager, actively maintaining its Linux servers. Developed several scripts for maintenance, has coded in C, PHP/MySQL, and assembler.

Maintained the Linux graphics driver for the SIS Mirage3 (SIS671/771) graphics board in his personal site.

In his free time enjoys house hobby work, music, animal protection, reading, model trains, photography, Italian cars especially the Barchetta convertible and riding his scooter.

Personal site This site

Hosts and is actively involved with the convertible club site:

barchetta Club Iberia