A weird monument

Monument to General Sanjurjo erected in Cascais

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Long ago in the 30's General Sanjurjo (José Sanjurjo Sacanell), aimed to be the chief of the revolutionary movement against the anarchic and cruel communist régime installed in Spain was exiled in Portugal. When the time come to return to Spain in order to take the leadership of the movement, on July 20, 1936, the small plane charged of his transport was prevented to land in the Portela airport in Lisbon due to protests of the Spanish government to the Portuguese one. So it landed on the Quinta da Marinha race track, located in Areia, Cascais. The plane, held by José António Ansaldo, and experienced pilot could not lift and crashed in the place of the existing monument (Rua de Santa Cruz) killing Sanjurjo and leaving the pilot badly injured. Mola took Sanjurjo's place, and was late replaced by Franco, who set once again Spain on fire. Signs of the times. For more information check this link.