Basic guitar setup instructions

1. Loose strings.

2. Oil the machine heads with #5 (or WD40) oil and loose/tighten so oil spreads evenly.

3. If the scale is made of non-varnished wood, apply teak (or lemon) oil to the scale twice, letting the first coat dry.

4. Ensure with a ruler that your scale is aligned from top to bottom (max. half a millimeter difference may apply otherwise truss rod will have to be adjusted so that the scale is properly aligned).

5. Tune.

6. Adjust string height using the 2 side bridge screws so that no buzzing is heard on any note from the top to the bottom of the scale on any string. Do not try to adjust much higher than that.

7. Re-tune.

8. String by string, press and play higher octave note, then release it and lightly put your finger or a metal or glass rod over the exact position of the fret just below (towards bridge) the note you struck. You will get an harmonic. Ensure both the harmonic and the note you struck are the exact same note, using your ears or a tuner. If not adjust the bridge individual screw back and forth, not minding exact tune at this time. Just compare with the fretted note.

9. When every string is right, adjust the pickup height using the two side screws so that the pickups are side-to-side at the same distance from the strings, unless you want a different string balance.

10. Re-tune

11. Put contact cleaner or liquid vaseline on your output jacks to ensure contact is smooth and secure.