Luso, a Portuguese Water Dog, was my oldest pal. Luso was the companion of an old lady who bought the dog from a breeder but couldn't keep the dog any more cause she had developed a serious health problem. Her son didn't wanted to take care of the dog either, then he was put on custody of a third party waiting for better days. The original owner, knowing that the dog was not being properly treated put an appeal on a local radio. My wife at the time heard the appeal and we went to see the dog. He was still under the age of one year, but developed a severe skin disease plus a complicate gastro-intestinal one, was very dirty and smelled terribly. We took the dog, who had to be totally shaved, treated him for long months before he had again a strong completion and he was one of our inseparable friends. He went away to dog's heaven in 2013. Luna, a Welsh Terrier, followed. She was seen hanging around the entry of the domain where we live, being fed by the guards. She was there for weeks in a state where it was difficult to tell her breed (looked like an indistinct dog). One night we passed over and by common decision took her home. She was about a year old, the vet told us, and was a pure Welsh Terrier. And she brought some surprises with her...she was pregnant! We didn't want additional dogs, but decided to let her pregnancy go to the end. She had the puppies (5) and the puppies were properly raised to the age of two months. After this, new homes were found for the lucky five, and only Luna remained with us. She was sterilized for good, and she used to run around our garden constantly garding her domain against any intrusion... She went away to dog's heaven in 2011.




Naná was a stray cat of about two years in age who appeared at Acutron headquarters. She began being fed and stayed out. This lasted for a few months. She was angry at night when she had to get out on the street. Then the winter came in, and we discovered she was pregnant. We thought she would have the babies on some obscure corner but she chose one of the neighbouring enterprises. The owners didn't wanted her to stay so we took her and the kitten to Acutron and alowed the bunch to stay in. The kitten were raised to the age of two months, and the story repeated...New homes were arranged for all and we kept Naná at Acutron. She was moved to our home and stayed there for quite a while, and passed away in 2008. Bia was the latest addition to the family. She came from APCA kennel very sad, she just sat in a corner. After the bad weather passed I couldn't let her go, so she stayed with us as well. She an Luna had quite an attribulated start, but now they get along quite well.