How to disable the touchpad

If you have a laptop fitted with Linux, you are typing and sometimes the cursor jumps to the outer space, the application you are working on closes abruptly and you loose everything that you typed, or you start typing at the wrong place, look no further.

I had exactly the same problem on a Insys 8761S, which is a disguised Clevo M761S. The touchpad is cleanly in the way when you type, so there is a permanent risk of hitting it and change the cursor position. This is not always obvious, as you may just think you got a "jumpy" cursor problem.

What I did was to prepare two tiny scrips, touchoff and touchon, which respectively are supposed to disable and enable the touchpad.

Just download it to your system and copy the two scripts to somewhere in your path, for example /usr/local/sbin

If you downloaded those to your home directory:

# sudo cp ~/toucho* /usr/local/sbin

Then to make those executable:

# sudo chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/toucho*

Well, before going any further, you may try the script by typing:
# touchoff

If it solved your problem, the next logical step if you don't use the touchpad is to your menu, select Settings/Session and Startup/Application Autostart and add touchoff as an auto-started application.

To regain access to your touchpad, just type in:


at your bash prompt. All of this was tested and found operational on an Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit Lucid system.

There is the syndaemon method described elsewhere, but unfortunately for me it failed, but if you want to try it, add the touchauto script instead of the touchoff script when testing or adding to your auto-started applications.