What is the AES, anyway?

The Audio Engineering Society, now in its fifth decade, is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Its membership of leading engineers, scientists and other authorities has increased dramatically throughout the world, greatly boosting the society's stature and that of its members in a truly symbiotic relationship.

Thanks to all those who trusted me!!!

I received on July 25 the news that I was elected for the next two-year period. I hope to be at the necessary height to be able to fulfill my duties giving total satisfaction to all AES members living in Southern Europe and to the AES board.
Being aware that Southern Europe is an amalgam of national identities, each one with its modus vivendi, language, way of doing things, I will certainly have a lot to learn to be able to archive a reasonable-quality work.
I rely on the help of both Section staff and Section members so that AES objectives are met and that Section work is profitable for the AES, and that AES may be helpful to the Sections as well. The word is mutually-profitable interaction.

Why did I accepted to be a candidate to AES Vice-President Southern Europe?

I still don't know for sure. I was asked to do so, and considering that I was a founding member of the former Iberian Section (Portugal ad Spain) and of the Portuguese Section I felt maybe it was the time for me to serve again, applying what I had learned on previous venues. Now is the time to consider consolidating the work done before.

What are my goals then?
What have I done in the past for audio?

Well, please check the Career section of this site...